Introducing Us

Hello everyone. This is a little questionnaire that we decided to do, to introduce you to us because we thought it would be way more interesting than just writing a paragraph of information.

F: Ok are you guys ready?

M: Ok so let’s get this done

*awkward silence as F tries to find the questions*

B: Oh my days. Omg we’re 10 seconds in

F: I’m sorry I’m sorry I’m trying. *clears throat and tries to look professional* Ok I’ve got it!

F: So how did you come up with the name for the blog?

M: Well because I like reading and lots of people don’t know that about me so I guess I’m a closet reader. Plus I wanted to remain anonymous.

B: What no. Hel-lo it’s because all the good names were taken.

M: Oh yeah that too.

F: Would you ever consider writing your own book?

M: Yeah

B: I guess

M: Sometime

B: Maybe

M: In the future

B: Faraway

M: Maybe

F: Who came up with the idea of starting a blog?

M: I guess she did *points at B*

F: If you could choose to meet one au-

Both: J.K. Rowling.

F: -Author who would it be…?

M: It’s J.K. Rowling

F: Why?

B: Cause.

M: Hellooo freaking Harry Potter. That woman is my idol.

F: So obviously that’s your favourite book.


F: Ok bonus question which was your favourite Harry Potter book?

Both: Gasp

M: We can’t do that.

F: Do what?

B: Choose

F: Why not?

M: It’s like asking us to choose our favourite child. I love them all

F: Now you have to choose *smiles evilly*

B: Ok maybe the 6th one

M: The 6th one? *Confuzzled face*

B: Yeah.

M: But Dumbledore dies in that one!

B: Yes but the romance in it is cute. I would have said the 5th one if Umbridge *eye roll* wasn’t in it

M: Oops sorry if I spoilt that for anyone. Although if you don’t already know then you deserve to get a spoiler.

F: M!

M: What?

F: You still haven’t answered!

M: I’m sorry it’s just so much pressure. Ok ok maybe the 3rd one.

B: What? Why?

M: Because I’m trying to get Sirius.

B: -_- Really

M: Yes I’m Sirius *laughing manically*

Both: -_-

M: Ok I’ll stop. J.K. Rowling on the floor laughing *continues to laugh like a crazy person*

B: -__- Ok that’s all. She’s crazy

M: Do you get it? Because Sirius is in the 3rd book. And because J.K. Rowling. *giggling *

Both: -___- We got it

M: *continues laughing*

Much love 




30 thoughts on “Introducing Us

  1. Ooooohhh hello fellow sister bloggers! (Sisters are the actual best, honestly). If I had to choose a favourite HP, book, it would be the 5th and the 3rd and the 7th and the 1st (but really all of them) (but really the 5th) (Aaaaa this is hard) (And I need to reread them again). Anyway, this was a very awesome interview. My father suggested our blog name, and since our first one was terrible and this one was ok we took it 😛

    Liked by 1 person

  2. “All the good ones were taken.” :p Isn’t it kind of true though? I remember trying to brainstorm names when my co-blogger and I started, and several things we thought of were definitely already taken. However, I guess other people don’t Google. Someone started a blog called “The Page Unbound” vs our “Pages Unbound.” And now there’s some Canadian literary fest called “Pages UnBound” (The capital B really mixes it up?), and we are forever getting tweets and such meant for them. Lesson: It pays to have an original blog name. 😉


    • At some point We were just going to go with the book blog (original , I know) but then after like so many sheets of paper we came up with this!Before that everything was taken , we would think its original till we googled it up and found out otherwise honestly the hardest part about starting the blog.I really like your blog name tho it’s so puny .


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