Tops :: Top 15 Harry potter confessions

Here are my 15 Harry Potter …WARNING You might die from shock

I am team Harrimione forever and ever.. and ever


Half of my family still haven’t read the books (Actually only 1/3 of the family have read it.)

I just started going on pottermore recently

giphy (2)

I have never been to a convention (that is not my fault though )

I cried when dumbledore died but not one tear when I thought Harry died (I don’t know)


I cried when I found out I was Hufflepuff, then I embraced it.

I frequently have Harry Potter dreams and in them I end up with Harry potter XD

Umbridge scares me more than voldermort


I never liked Ginny


I think Cho is a tease

Didn’t like the last book that much…maybe because half the characters died!

I think Bellatrix is pretty cool or at least Helena Bonham Carter..Sorry Neville


If I call you a muggle it’s an insult


On my eleventh birthday I didn’t  have any fun because I never got my letter.


I used to hate Harry Potter before I read the books -Yup, I was one of the haters for a while

Deuces ✌🏻


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