Tops :: Top 5 Forgotten Characters

When you think of harry potter the usual Trio comes into your head -Harry , Ron and Hermione. Then following comes the main cast that everyone loves and who make the story as well. But what about the lesser known witches, wizard, and wandless who populate the world of Harry Potter? Jk Rowling wrote such a great book that every character has their own amazing part and it all comes together to form the amazing series. These characters will never be picked as your next Halloweeen costume Or your favourite Hero or Villain or Friend.Here are our Top 5 forgotten characters.

Winky-The house elfDobby-House-elf.gif

When we think of house elves Dobby definitely comes to mind. The brave house elf who believed in freedom and bravery and died for it. For his friends.Although the house elf Winky didnt get a heroic death she definitely is a worthy character. She wasn’t even in the movies.

Colin creevy-Harry’s biggest fan

Harry had many fans and people who looked up to him and Colin Creevy was just one of thetumblr_nb86sk0vgy1sgjum7o2_500.gif many. Although his presence in the series was short lived he made the book that more interesting.

Romilda Vane-Another admirer

Speaking of Admirers how can we forget the lovely crazy Romilda Vane. She was definitely the kind of girl who go what she wanted. Again her presence was short lived but she definitely added something extra to the book.

Narcissa Malfoy-Malfoys mother

tumblr_njccr9FTZp1s6fz05o1_500Although Narcissa was a death eater she definitely had a soft side. A moment that definitely made my jaw drop was when she lied to voldemort and pretended Harry was dead. She was brave and stupid which is why she made this list.

Arabella fig-Part of the order of the phoenix

FiggMrs Fig. the witch without magic is sometimes forgotten in the grand scheme despite her heroic acts and role as Harry’s guardian in the muggle world. Poor Mrs.Fig doesn’t even have a GIF. 😦

That’s all.Seriously though guys Romilda Vane ?! I totally forgot who she was till today.





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