Book Challenge :: Overlooked Genre October … Sign up (blog hop!)


Shoutout to Maja@Mayathebookexplorer



Cassiopeia’s Moon

❤ Who are helping me launch this challenge !!



⇐Made by  Maya@Mayathebookexplorer

October is coming soon and with that trick or treaters , an excuse to eat sweets and now this book challenge created by me – This book challenge started as a personal challenge and then in a Eureka! moment I decided why not post it and share it with you guys. This is the first challenge I’ve hosted and its a bit scary just diving in like this but what the heck right?


So what is this about?

Okay you know THAT genre … Yeah That one. The one you always avoid or the one that you’ve tried reading but gave up on and have never looked back. Yeah THAT genre. Okay so now you’ve acknowledged that you are a bit biased when it comes to certain genres (Yeah it’s okay we all are) it’s time to change that ( Yeah I know gulp).


So who’s excited?! I AM!!!!!


How to join in this crazy challenge – for only the bravest 😉

It’s easy really Just Pick a few books from a genre you wouldn’t even glance at otherwise and leave a link to either a blog post or goodreads , facebook .. anything sharing your goals etc.(You don’t have to share your goals if you don’t want to )  Sign ups will open Septemeber 1st and close October 31st.

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some people said that the link isn’t working and I just checked and it isn’t so just leave a comment down below !! I will post weekly about it so you can come back to share your reviews / experience or whatever you feel like sharing about the challenge!

Also to collect a link that can be shared on your blog!

Each week a linky will go up where you can share your progress.You can tweet about it using the #THATgenre came up with it myself *hairflip

This is a blog hop so you can meet new bloggers and get more visitors to your site… Win, win situation 😉


P.S Did I mention my birthdays in October ? Well it is :))




18 thoughts on “Book Challenge :: Overlooked Genre October … Sign up (blog hop!)

  1. Sadly I’m so backed up with review copies I won’t be able to do this, but if I did it would be romance! Maybe I’d discover I’d really been missing something all these years… maybe. Of course it would only work if all the guys were like Darcy… or possibly Snape. Is it weird to love Snape? 😉 Good luck with the challenge!

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