We’ve been nominated… The Sunshine Blogger award 2.0 (!)

imageOkay so this happened, I’m still processing it. Wow honestly We did not expect any of this when we first started blogging so this is just an extra bit of awesomeness to add to our blogging experience.

Click to see our post for our last Sunshine blogger award nomination

We were nominated by Jasmine@howusefulitis huge thanks to her for making our blogging experience that much more rewardingπŸ’–… Did you clic k the link to her blog?

Okay so now that you have clicked the link lets get on to it …

Here are the basic rules:

  • Thank the blog that nominated you and recognise their blog.
  • Nominate bloggers you admire by tagging them in a blog post.
  • Create a blog post answering the questions you were asked by the person who nominated you.
  • Put a list of the rules in your post.
  • Ask questions for your nominees.
  • Add the Award badge to your post/blog.

Here are our answers

1. Just have to ask because I am too curious! Who is your book boyfriend?

B:I’m a bit of a hoe πŸ˜‰ So i’ts not boyfriend it’s boyfriends but If i was to choose one ( the horror Β It would be Calore from Red queen πŸ˜‰ .

M:Don’t worry I’m curious too, I’m kind of wondering who yours is right now πŸ™‚ Hmm I guess it would be Park from Eleanor and Park. Except I’m cheating on him with like every other guy from every other book I’ve read.

2. What inspired the name of your blog?

B: Huh.

M: Yeah it was probably the fact that it was all that was available. Honestly everything we thought of was taken.

3. What is your favourite genre?

B:YA definitely.

M:What she said.

4. What is your least favourite genre?

B:Paranormal *shudders*

M:Thrillers or ….Β horrors *shudders*

5. How many hard copy books do you own right now?

B:Honestly not many.

M:Yeah usually all our hard copies are our favourite books like Harry potter. Most others are soft copies or ebooks.

6. Do you read books by yourself or with a buddy?

B: By myself… The funny thing is I’m in a goodreads group called Buddy reads but I never have read with a buddy πŸ™‚

M: Nope…nuh-uh not for me, I read too fast.

7. Have you been to a book release party at a bookstore?

B: *sigh* No

M: 😦

8. Have you interviewed a favourite author?

B: No

M: *sigh* I wish

9. What would you do if you ran into your favourite author on the street?

B:Cry because I probably wouldn’t have the book with me or even a pen then I’d get mad at myself for crying and I’d be a mess…. Don’t get me wrong I’d be a happy mess :))

M:Faint … or like die.

10. What is your second favourite thing to do besides reading?

B: Wishing I was reading .. or slaying dragons as I do ( by night obviously, by day I study and watch anything and everything.)

M: Study or revel in free time ( The life of a student )

11. Have you ever read for others? Like at a nursing home or read to your grandparents?

B:I’ve read parts of Β books to my friends, always fan-girling .. or ranting πŸ˜‰

M: I’ve read to my brother but no not in a nursing home….I probably will because I’m going to be volunteering at one next summer.

We Nominate

Raven and beez@Raven & beez

Alyssa@Book Huntress World

Maja@Maya the book explorer

Chloe@Chloe’s book blog

Nikki@Lost in sweet words

Salsa@Flawless reads


I’ll admit this is me being lazy but instead of giving you guys questions I’ll be sharing with you a quiz I found recently here’s the link :

10 questions only well-read people will be able to answer for #NationalBookLoversDay

You can share your answers or your result !


Β B Β & Β M


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