Spotlight Sunday Meme A History ;)

Did you notice the sneaky Harry Potter reference in the title?


It all  started when I read a book that was wayyyy good and I felt it needed a bit more recognition. I talked to M ( my sister/ co-blogger) and we had this whole conversation about it.

The idea really came to life though after we started our goodreads group with Balie sussman@Nerdinnewyork and Voila! We made a meme. Spotlight sunday.

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Share any book you want to put in the spotlight! Created by Closet Readers and Baliesussman@Nerdinnewyork XD.

More Details

How do I particpate?


Eeer it’s a blog meme. Simply make a post!

What are you on about B?


It’s not that complicated really. Basically just share  a book you feel deserves to be noticed. It’s easy really.

When and Where?

On sundays.. as for where..Simply make a post on your blog then share it on our goodreads group Nerdy Reads.

 Formal Rules

Because us bloggish people love rules

  1. Make a post on your blog linking back to us and Balie sussman.
  2. Share your post on our goodreads group.

Not a rule but it would be great if you used the #SpotlightSunday to share the meme that way we can find you!Thanks 😉


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