Let’s Talk//Journey Vs Ending

Image result for happily ever after quotes after quotesI want to talk about the story. Does it trump the ending? Do they both matter equally or is one more important?
The same as real life, there is no happily ever after.

What am I talking about?

As kids we grow up with that happy ending all the time. The story goes once upon a time and we know for sure it will end with and They lived happily ever after. I don’t think Cinderella would have been loved by many if she didn’t marry the prince. Imagine how you’d feel if Aurora didn’t get kissed awake?As we get older and books move away from the fairytale genre you can’t count on that happily ever after. Lately it seems a rare occurrence. I don’t know why. But c’est la vie.

 My thoughts

There are  situations where the ending is vague. Is it even a Happily ever after? You know the ones where it seems okay but for how long? The shipped couple could break up. The villain can always have a child 😉 #hpreference.  So is there ever even a Happily ever after.

Looking at the Cinderella again for an example the story had a 3rd movie (no story)  where the evil mom stole the fairy god mothers wand and bam! the happy ever after was all warped. I’m such a fairy-tale buff 😉 But yeah there are so many possibilities. Focusing mostly on Fiction.
And there are times where we even skip the story to read the ending… is it just me? Sometimes we flip to the back of the book to prepare for the story. There are many reasons for this.
Some people argue that Happily ever afters are unrealistic and give people false views on life. However isn’t that what we read for? To not be realistic. Or is that only when reading fiction?
We can always see the happy ending from a mile away but I’m pretty sure I still sat on the edge of my seat while reading the likes of beauty and the beast and little mermaid.
I think stories should be about the journey and the destination can be any route. The journey is why we read.
I think the same goes for Clichés. Clichés are predictions. But just because I know what Lara Jean is going to do in To all the boys I’ve loved before it doesn’t make it any less interesting when she gives Peter K. That award winning hallway kiss.
In the Harry Potter series we all knew Voldemort would be defeated but it was the Journey that made the books epic. The journey is better than the destination.
Then again. We all hate the dreaded cliff hanger. When the author leaves you grasping for more. Don’t get me started on all the endings that turned a book around and made you say hmmm that wasn’t that bad. When the ending is bad does it make the whole story turn sour in our minds.
Is it equal? When we think about other things like epilogues. Do they not sometimes add to the story?

The conclusion

I’ve decided that they are equal and either one can ruin the other. They all have an effect on how the readers feel towards the book. Maybe I just gave you more questions and things to ponder…  oops! But dear authors no more cliff hangers.. pretty please.

My question

Would you rather a crap ending with a good story? A good story crap ending? Cliffhangers … thoughts?? Have you ever skipped to the end? What about epilogues? Let’s talk.

I wish you a happily ever after…


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3 thoughts on “Let’s Talk//Journey Vs Ending

  1. I usually like epilogues because they set a tone that the story is complete (or should be). I agree that endings are important as the story, but I’d rather have a good story, if not for reading’s sake. I don’t think I would be able to bear a bad story just for a good ending. But if the story ended badly, at least I could have fun arguing how the ending shouldn’t have been like that… 😉

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