Lets Talk//Books vs Ebooks

Image result for books and ebooksI want to talk about different ways we can now read and discover books. I know this has come up again and again but just go with it …

Why can’t I just read all day every day.

Hi Guys.Just in case your unsure;
plural noun: ebooks
  1. an electronic version of a printed book which can be read on a computer or a specifically designed handheld device.
plural noun: books
  1. 1.
    a written or printed work consisting of pages glued or sewn together along one side and bound in covers.
    “a book of selected poems”
    synonyms: volumetomework, printed work, publicationtitleopustreatise; More

 What am I talking about?

I love reading. That’s why it surprised me when  my dad  used to always go on about how I am never with a book, which was weird because I am always reading, always. Then it hit me. Looking at my library you wouldn’t know that I’m an avid reader. Sure I have a few books on my shelf but I barely have actual physical books. I tried to explain to my dad that I mostly read online but he didn’t understand it.

I did a lot of research on this topic.So much that my head hurts. I’ve decided to share a bit of what I found out with you guys with you guys. In the end  it all comes down to one thing; People aren’t comfortable with the fact that technology is taking over,I don’t know why because honestly technology is the mostly useful shit ever and it’s convenient too.The world is advancing,move with it.

My Thoughts

Instead of defending the books aspect of it  which might be expected I have about 3 reasons why ebooks rule.


This is a big one .If I had all the physical books I’ve read every where I wouldn’t have space at all.Ebooks are just so much easier to handle.


Let’s be honest you have probably spent a fortune on books when you think about it .Just think about it.If every book is about €10 multiply that by all your books.Its a lot.Ebooks are just cheaper and better.

I can literally carry my kindle, or phone anywhere. Plus I can read anywhere.Imagine you are … somewhere, anywhere you’d be bored at and Damn! you didn’t bring your book… but wait you have your phone bam! just like that boredom solved.


 But in the end you do you.If you want to read with physical books go ahead if you want to read ebooks go ahead.In the end their all stories that we can enjoy.

My Question

What do you use most often? Do you have a preference? Does the format sometimes effect how you feel in the end? Can you relate to any of the reasons why I said ebooks are better? Any other reasons why ebooks make sense? Or are you more of a book person?

8 thoughts on “Lets Talk//Books vs Ebooks

  1. I was surprised at how much I like ebooks. They are really convenient. However, I love hard covers so much. They are expensive as sh*t but I the feeling you get of holding and reading a hard cover is amazing. I do understand about the storage issue, but my bookshelves are my babies. A private library has been a dream since I learned to read.

    In conclusion, I like ebooks but I love books 😀

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  2. I can understand why you prefer E-books, as they are more practical and cost-effective. However, personally I prefer the feel of a physical book in my hands. Also, I find that I cannot focus for long periods of time reading on a screen, as my eyes start to hurt, which leads me to not purchasing E-Books.
    It was interesting to hear your point of view 🙂

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  3. I confess. I use ebooks. I like it because its portable and I use to do a lot of traveling and it was easier for me to read books. Also some books are huge and its pain to read them while commuting. Thats just my preference. Great article!

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  4. I prefer physical books over ebooks but I was big on ebooks for a long time so I feel like I can reasonably see both sides of the argument. I loved ebooks for everything you said, the storage, convenience, but I hated the costs. Since I’ve been reading a lot of new books that are recently published I refuse to pay the 10 dollars for a new book. I would rather go buy a physical one for the sake of just having it and knowing that I didn’t spend 10 dollars on a digital file. That was the main reason I switched back over to physical books.
    Since reading physical books I feel like I am able to connect to characters more with a physical than with an ebook and I think that’s just a quirk about me.
    Great post! I always love seeing different reasons why people love different formats.

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