Lets Talk//To buy or not to buy

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To buy or not to buy that is the question. Lets talk about the different factors that go into buying that book in order to avoid buyers remorse.

Beware of Buyers remorse.

Buyer’s remorse (or buyer’s regret) is the sense of regret after having made a purchase. It is frequently associated with the purchase of an expensive item such as a car, console or house… In this case books.

People never understand the struggles of being a book worm. There are numerous factors that go into buying a book whether its and ebook or a physical book.

We all want a good quality read. Sure there is the library but its just not the same. We have to factor in millions of things. I have made a buying guide for you guys. First things first…

Why do we buy books?

Firstly why do people even buy books? Of course that leads to a bigger discussion of why we read but that’s for another day. Here are a few reasons we buy books for.

  • Hype

I’ve heard a lot about this book I’m going to give it a shot….

There is no harm in that but beware hype is a dangerous thing to follow. I’ve been there. It is hard to decide which one deserves the hype and which will be a big flop #disappointmentisreal.

  • Impulse

OMG look at this cover.One more book couldn’t hurt right?

This is something we all do and not just with books. Its okay don’t be ashamed. I do recommend planning as to not have buyers remorse but who am I to judge?

  • Entertainment

This is probably the overall reason for reading so by default its why you buy books πŸ˜‰

  • Gift

She looks like she’ll enjoy a Harry Potter book for (insert holiday or celebration)

Personally I hate receiving books as gifts. Bookish items yes but books no. Most often the giver of the gift doesn’t know what I like and I end up having a book on my shelf I’m not going to enjoy.

  • Obligation

Oh god this is our school book… great.

We’ve all been there. Horrible school books that you have to buy. I know you’d Β rather read another book ( any thing at all) but suck it up sister ( or mister) it has to be bought.

Before you buy consider


Reviews are your best friend. Not just one review you read correctly, as many as possible. Goodreads is a brilliant source. Follow reviewers who have the same taste as you. Of course you have bloggers and friends. Get out there and be sure.


I know it seems like you NEED that book but .. you don’t. I’m sorry was that harsh? Its true and solid advice. Don’t enter the book shop if you cant control yourself. Bring a certain amount in your wallet.. make a list and only get the books on that list. Stick to a budget.

Other methods

I know, I know owning the book is different from borrowing it. If you have any doubt I’d recommend either borrowing from a friend or the library and escaping buyers remorse. Consider other methods. You can always buy it later.

Author Assurance

You don’t even need to read the blurb based on the person who wrote it. This is the assurance of a good book (hopefully). If you have read their work before and know it’ll be great I give you my blessing πŸ˜‰

Shelf space

For some they don’t only keep their books on their shelves anymore.. just any knook or cranny. Consider whether you even have a knook or cranny to keep the book. Is the book going to have a home?

Buying a gift?

  • Consider the persons taste not yours.Β 

People tend to buy for themselves when shopping for someone else. Sure your bestfriends or sisters but you don’t want to risk it.

  • Have they mentioned their TBR?

If you listen hard enough people are often telling you what to get for them. They probably have a mental TBR just find out what it is.

  • Consider past reads

What have they read before? Does it seem similar?

My Question?

Have you ever had buyers remorse? What was your worst disappointment this year? Do you buy bookish gifts for people often? Do you impulse buy often? Any other suggestions to stop buyers remorse?Β 

Β Lets Talk!




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5 thoughts on “Lets Talk//To buy or not to buy

  1. I don’t buy too many books…Well, since I bought my kindle I’ve bought maybe five books for that one but they all were under 2€ each so. I do restrain myself, but every now and then I fall for the temptation. Internet bookstores are my undoing. The one-click-buy option is dangerous.

    And yes, I’ve bought book I’ve regretted. Those usually come from bookstores for some reason. Probably because I just see all the beautiful covers and there was a book I have never heard about. Let’s buy it!

    Oh my I’m rambling. Now I’ll stop. Bye.

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  2. I personally use my library religiously. Thanks to Goodreads, I have added a tag/shelf of books I *want* to own. It became my entire holiday list this year!
    Gifts for book lovers are always a challenge. I want to get them something they will love, don’t own, and fits their tastes. But it gives me so much anxiety! Lately I’ve done more gift cards than I care to admit…

    Liked by 1 person

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