10 Things all bloggers understand.

This month marks our six month blogoversary!

Its been a crazy six months filled with ups and downs and so many lessons learned. We started this blog today 6 months ago, I don’t feel as lost anymore for sure. Here are 10 things we experienced and if you’re a blogger you can relate to.

#1 Constantly  jumping for your phone when you hear a buzz.


#2 Feeling majorly overwhelmed most days.


#3 The irony of being a blogger who is useless at typing.


#4 Being consistent is hard.


#5 Seeing the world in a ‘new way.’

#6 Your new found hobby is staring at your blog.

#7 You constantly compare your blog with others.


#8 Your inbox is a scary place.

#9 Sleep is a luxury most days.

#10 You can’t figure out the right ‘look’ for your blog.

Love you all Lots Thanks for 6 Months.




We miss you already! Find us here.

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10 thoughts on “10 Things all bloggers understand.

  1. Congrats on a wonderful 6 months! I can definitely relate with these, especially the last one. I’ll spend forever looking at different themes for my blog, only to go back to the one I already have at the end. Such a vicious cycle! 🙂


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