Lets Talk//How not to start 2017 with a reading slump.

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Reading slumps are the worst. Even the most dedicated bookworm can find them selves not wanting to turn that page and just feeling really reluctant to read ..anything. Scary, I know. But there are definitely ways to prevent a reading slump because trust me you do not want to start the new year off with a reading hiatus. Basically lets talk reading slumps!

What is a reading slump?

Reading Slump
/Ri:dIηg Sl∧mp/
A reluctance to read or a lack of passion to pick up a book caused by numerous factors such as a bad read previously.
  1. synonyms: Reading hiatus, Reading pause, Worst situation ever, More

Defintion by Closet Readers ^^

We all clear? Okay, great 😉

Prevention Tips

Avoid risky books.

Risky books are books that you are unsure about. That when you bought it you had zero clue what to expect. Yes it is nice to read blindly at times but there is that risk of falling into a reading slump.

Re-reads are always good.

Re-reads are safe. You can count on them to put you in a good mood no matter what because you can trust them they will not turn around and stab you in the bag then sell your organs … okay I don’t know where this is going honestly I watch too much Reign lately I’m sorry. You get the gist, right?

Surround yourself with books.

This is obvious .. but how? Libraries, bookstores even social media. Goodreads is a bookworms haven and a great source there are also blogs etc. There  are so many resources nowadays.

Get with the hype.

Hype is dangerous at times but lets b e honest more often than not hyped books do meet the standard. There is a reason people are talking about it.  Trust your fellow bookworms. Again its all about being sure that this book wont leave you feeling so unmotivated.

Try audio books.

Audio books are brilliant and if you have no time and your doing chores etc. Its great to be able to ‘read’ and still enjoy the story. It gets you into the whole story and later at night you’ll find you want to know where the writer takes you next.

My Question?

How do you deal with reading slumps? What causes reading slumps in your opinion? Any tips or ‘treatments’?

Lets Talk!




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12 thoughts on “Lets Talk//How not to start 2017 with a reading slump.

  1. Love your definition of a reading slump! 🙂 I usually try to be in the middle of a really good book when the New Year rolls around so that the feeling of being caught up in a story gives me momentum to read even more. Great post!


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