2016 Favourites (Pt.2)

In the last 2016 favourites post I chose my favourite author, series and genre. It was hard but I managed. As I said I only started blogging halfway through the year and I’m only using books from when I started blogging to now so a very small selection but I managed.

It’s time to fully wrap up this years favourites with my favourite standalone, cover and OTP.

Favourite Standalone

A book Β that managed to capture my heart in only one book.




A very very very enjoyable book!

Yes I Hype a lot about this book but it deserves all the hype and all the praise πŸ’–

Favourite cover

To qualify the book I had to have read the book and the cover must be Β brilliantly wonderful.




Not exactly jaw dropping but I love the colours, the gold really stands out and it really sets a scene for the book.

Click here for a review of Saint Anything by Sarah Dessen

Favourite OTP

This OTP is goals. They are cute and lovable and they are clearly meant for each other.




I don’t want to spoil anything but if you’ve read these books you know πŸ˜‰ I love the relationships Jenny Han built including the family dynamic.

Happy Holidays,



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