Newbie Blog Award


This blog award is just something we decided to create because we’ve come across some really amazing bloggers that have just started and we thought they need something to smile about coming into the new year. It’s really hard just starting out and it’s good to get a bit of encouragement once in a while. So ‘voila’ The New🐝 blog award.

Newbie bloggers… new year. See what I did there?

I guess there has to be some rule(s) for this. Yeah, it sucks but it’s life.So if you accept the award follow these set of rules.

  • Thank your nominator because their awesome to have thought of you.
  • Nominate any blogger (as many as you like!) who you think deserves the award but the blog must be 6mths old or less.
  • Give 5-10 facts about yourself or your blog.
  • Also, share the ‘award badge’ on your post.


The word traveller

Literary hues

Thieving books

The very bookish me

Happy Holidays,



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