Challenge yourself this New year

Do you feel like the year 2016 went by too fast? Do you feel you didn’t achieve much and regret not maximising your time? Easy solution!

This 2017 I have decided in order to maximise my time and keep myself goal focused I will set challenges for myself so the year doesn’t turn into a huge FAIL.

Here is a roundup of the challenges I’ll be partaking in this year and maybe you might decide to join me.

I challenge you to challenge yourself!

Click the images for more information on the challenge…

Goodreads challenge

goodreads (1).jpg

The Goodreads challenge is perfect for not only keeping track of you reading but keeping you motivated. #goodreadsreadingchallenge2017


60 books in total by January 1st, 2018 00:00.

PopSugar Reading challenge


The  PopSugar reading challenge is great for someone looking to expand their horizons reading wise. #popsugarreadingchallenge


I aim to complete the basic list of prompts by January 1st, 2018 00:00

Beat the backlist book challenge

This challenge is focused on reading books that have been on your TBR for a while, or even books that get pushed aside for new releases. #beatthebacklist


I hope to read 15-20 backlist books by January 1st, 2018 00:00

Here is my TBR (subject to change).

Winter 2017 Comment challenge


This challenge encourages love in the blogosphere by challenging us to share the love in the comment section.



We miss you already! Find us here.

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14 thoughts on “Challenge yourself this New year

  1. Good luck with all of these! I’m also taking part in the Beat the Backlist, Comment Challenge, and the Goodreads challenge!

    Thanks for linking up on Saturday Situation!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I need to start thinking of all the challenges soon! I’m definitely doing the GR one – but the winter commenting challenge sounds really interesting! I haven’t heard of it before, so I’ll definitely have to check it out!
    Good luck with all your challenges and here’s to an awesome 2017~

    Liked by 2 people

  3. I haven’t decided on my 2017 challenges, but I know I will be participating in some. I am thinking of Goodreads, Popsugar, and the Book Riot list. But, that seems a bit overwhelming. We shall see what happens! Good luck with your challenges– I look forward to following them. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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