December Wrap up

December is gone. It is January. It is therefore now time to look back at December and forward to January. 

Books I Read

(3 out of 5)



Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

Mare is the same as ever but somehow a worse version of herself. She is cold, selfish and broken. I loved the development of Mare throughout. I loved that Victoria Aveyard managed to show how life can change you. I liked new Mare, at least I understood her. She had every right to be distant and unreachable. Mare had a lot of inner battles and thoughts that made you really think.

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Rating: 🌟🌟🌟

This book in narration and pacing is very similar to book one. The plot line and book structure is  identical and it flows together well.

The characters were very well fleshed out. Especially compared to the last book. The character development really stands out. We have 4 point of views, 4 main characters to follow. The characters were all very different and each point of view had something different. The characters were also very realistic and a very good portrayal of teens and people.

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Books I will be reading

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