Looking forward, 2017

Happy new year to all of you guys. 2016 was great crazy year but we made it to 2017! This year I plan to remain goal focused and achieve A LOT more.

Set your goals high and don’t stop till you get there

New Years Resolution

To progress as a blogger and integrate fully into the blogging community.

Goal #1

Organisation as a blogger I think is key and that is why this year I aim to become more efficient and organised.

Goal #2

I aim to progress and get better in everything that is why this year my goal is to triple the blog stats of 2016.

Goal #3

I don’t just want to be another blog, I want to actually help and that is why I also hope to be able to write more detailed, helpful and structured posts throughout the year.

Goal #4

If I’m writing all them helpful posts I do hope to have more of you here reading that is why I hope to achieve a very realistic goal of 500 followers this year.

Goal #5 

The creation of this blog was all so I could get out there and talk books I hope to do that even more by being active on other social platforms throughout the year.

 2017 is my year for progress.

Happy New Year,



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