Lessons Learned… Why everyone should travel

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We have Lisje the person behind ‘A Thousand Lives‘ here to share with you a few reasons she discovered why everyone should travel.

Hello, everybody!

 As a seventeen-year-old, thinking about the future is a daily activity. Having my
whole life in front of me is both exciting and terrifying. At times, I denitely feel
anxious. From a young age, we are expected to experience and to achieve a lot of
things that’ll shape our future.
Feeling trapped is quite normal at this age, though. One thing that’ll always help me feel better is travelling. Breaking my routine lets me see things from different perspectives. It’s enriching and addictive. As you are still young, you feel like you are ready to take on the world. You shouldn’t ignore that feeling. Grab the world as it is in your grasp!

#1 You get to know the world a little better

Traveling is a great way to have a better view on the world. A great tip I can give
you when you’re traveling is to have contact with the local population.
Experiencing the diversity on this earth will make it easier for you to understand
others and be more broad-minded. Good people live all over the world. Seeing
people live their life di&erently from yours, lets you take a step back and give you
a clearer view on the world (and your life). You’ll understand how good you have
it. Or you’ll realize how you could change your life for the better. Either way, it
will shape you into a wiser person.

#2 You feel better about yourself

Leaving your home to travel is a great way to get out your comfort zone. When
you are away, chances are that you will deal with something unexpected. It’ll
eventually give you that extra bit of self-confidence that you’ll be happy to take
back home. Who could say no to that?

#3 It’s a great source of inspiration & motivation

Being in contact with various kinds of cultures is one of the most effective ways to
look for inspiration. As an aspiring writer, I can’t get enough of picturing
characters in different locations or wonder which secrets are hidden in these
unknown villages. When I return from travel, I feel like someone pushed my reset
button. I am ready to change the things I didn’t like about my life. I can describe
it to the feeling you have at new years, a sudden chance to do what you’ve always
wanted to do.

#4 You become more independent & do better in life

Travel will give you a lot of life experience. Planning the trip, booking the hotel
and dealing with unexpected situations are essential parts of the experience and
let you grow into an independent person. I’ve found that it will also give you a
heads up when you’re applying for a job. A lot of companies really appreciate that
you’ve put the effort in personal growth by travelling.

There are no foreign lands. It is the traveller only who is foreign. Robert L. Stevenson


Thank you so much for reading,

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7 thoughts on “Lessons Learned… Why everyone should travel

  1. This is so true, I think people really underestimate traveling. I’m still sixteen and I haven’t even seen a quarter of the world but some of my favorite memories are not passing in an exam or achieving some thing, it’s that feeling you get in a new place. Loved the post


  2. This is exactly why I’m really hoping that I get the chance to study broad next year. I’ve never traveled outside of the United States before, and I feel like college is the perfect time to do so! 🙂


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