Lessons Learned… My blogging experience + Tips

Here on ‘Closet Readers’ we believe in learning from each other and we are inviting you to come share with us the lessons you’ve learnt. If you would like to be a guest on our blog and share something you’ve learnt now or in the near future (this is a permanent feature) find more information here Lessons Learned Help and FAQ.

We have Melanie from Paperback darling here gracing us with her presence. She is sharing her blogging experiences which I think we can all learn from… she’s been doing this a while guys!

[When I first started]

I Had No Idea Where to Begin.

I was new to the blogging scene and there were so many sites to choose from. After checking out a bunch, I realized that even though Weebly doesn’t seem like the most popular website, I found it the most comfortable. It was the exact style that I wanted and I made due with what was provided and fixed what was missing. There was a button for subscribing but no way to send the actual newsletters so it took even longer to look into more websites to find one that will help create my own personal emails. A good website that I highly recommend is MailChimp. It’s very simple to use and was also free. Once I had everything set up, I was at the stage where I didn’t know where to begin. How do I get subscribers? How do I get well-known and recognized? I realized that I needed to first focus on myself and what I wanted to post. I had to find my voice. I started this blog in the hopes that I will get back into writing. After graduating with a degree in English Literature, I went for one more year to attain another kind of degree but in a course that was in French. I missed writing terribly and thought this would be great practice, especially with the hopes of one day writing my own novel. 

How do you get views/subscribers?

Now that I’ve found my voice and my reasons, the best way to find new subscribers is by posting your blog URL on Goodreads. The blogging community is pretty vast and a lot of people are going through the same thing. It’s a very supporting community and you get to meet a lot people with the same interests. Social media is also key. I didn’t have Facebook when I started blogging and my number of views were rather low and slowly rising. The moment my friend and I looked into making a Facebook and Twitter page for the website, the views started to rise a lot faster and I got to meet even more amazing people. Don’t fret on the numbers as they will increase overtime. A great way to include others is to ask questions and start discussions. I always love asking questions in my posts because I get to have conversations with other bookworms and it’s always fun to see what others think and even recommend. It’s also a good idea to keep a constant flow of posts. A lot of people have certain posts that show on Tuesdays or any other day of the week and it’s a great way to keep you writing at a steady rhythm. Personally, I have 3 times every month where, no matter what, I have to post something. It keeps me on my toes, especially if I lose track of time and don’t post any reviews in between. You will always find something on my blog on the first, on the fifteenth and on the last Friday of every month.

DON’T Stress Yourself

 For many of us, we want to expand our library by exploring various types of books and I started out very ambitious by not only doing a Goodreads reading challenge but by starting another one that involved reading certain kinds of literature. I don’t know about you but I go by how I’m feeling and if I’m not in the right mood for a book, I don’t enjoy it as much and I start to stress because it’s on my list and has to be read. This kept me from wanting to read the books I looked forward to by throwing in the ones that I just wasn’t ready for. Try not to overwork yourself and do your best. The point is to do what you love and not think of it as a job. In the end, you do get the chance to explore all of the styles you want but at your own pace. About a year in, I was fortunate to have had some amazing authors contact me and ask me to read their work. Some of these books sounded like they would be right down my alley and others sounded very different but so intriguing that I gave them a shot and you know what? Those are the ones that surprised me the most and it was these books that truly started to expand my reading interests. I can safely say now that I have found a new profound interest when it comes to literature and you should take every opportunity by storm. 

That’s all. Thanks for reading,


Want more? Find Melanie here.


4 thoughts on “Lessons Learned… My blogging experience + Tips

  1. Great tips! I found the part about getting views / subs particularly interesting, although the idea of getting facebook is kind of daunting to be honest. I’ll definitely be giving it some thought now though!

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