Re-designing ‘Closet Readers’ the how and why.

If you’re a blogger you know what I mean when I say blogging is a constant work in progress.

Blogging takes continuous effort, time and drive. There are so many different things a blogger has to do/be. A designer, an editor, a publicist etc. Bloggers are like super people.

Image result for superhero gif.

Closet Readers a few months ago compared to now is so different it’s unreal. There has been so many changes, every time I learn something new it tends to reflect on the blog. Which is good, change is good.

Well, everything in moderation.

A few weeks ago I got some great tips from Mahriya@Mybookishlife and she also redesigned the blog. It was great, I loved it but after reading more posts I really wanted to try it myself. Add some personal touches.

The saying is you learn something new every day. I learnt more than one thing.

I’m going to share what we learnt with you guys right here, right now. The whole process from A to B. 0 to 100.


Step 1

Choosing a (WordPress) theme is step 1.

I find it hard to decide on things so it took a lot of thought (a lot) before I finally decided to just stick with the nucleare theme. It’s simple, easy to customise and better yet it’s free.

When choosing a theme you have to consider:

+How responsive it is…

+How customisable it is…

After that, there are other deciding factors that go into choosing a theme but in the end, Nucleare won me over. It’s simple and clean which is also important.

Tip… the use of white space always gives a clean balanced look and is great for a minimalist design.

Step 2

After the theme, you’d want to look at the major things that affect your blog aesthetic.

Blog aesthetic is affected by:



These things really affect the overall look of your blog and although it may seem unimportant or irrelevant it is probably the biggest decision.

Having chosen your theme .. WordPress gives you a colour palette already so not much you can do about that which is why choosing the theme is the first step.

Identify your colour scheme and run with it:

Pinterest is really handy for this. Browse for different image aesthetics and decide on the look you’re going for. The main thing to keep in mind is to be consistent. If you don’t have a steady theme the whole blog won’t look right or put together and the vibe will be off.

The formula for a steady theme:

2 Main colours + 3 secondary colours= A steady theme.

Simple math.

Here is the palette for this blog 🙂


Choosing the font is one of the most underestimated aspects. The font is everywhere when you think about it. You don’t want a font that clashes or competes with the colours. Everything should work well together. That is the key.


Here is a little look at my secret Pinterest board 🙂


When designing just let your creativity shine

Honestly, there is nothing more to it than that.

Step 3

Step 1 and 2 is mostly just preparation. Nothing would have been implemented. Step 3 is really the beginning process.. step 3 is designing the most important feature.

The header image

The header image really sets the tone.


+The two main colours should feature greatly there as the header will (or should) make an impression.

+The header is where you should really get the creative juices flowing. It should make a statement as it’s most likely the first thing your visitors will see.

Remember! More is less.. keep it simple.

Step 4

The sidebar/footer. WordPress already does a lot giving us widgets etc. This is great but because of this most sidebars look the same and aren’t unique or new. There are ways to add more colour AND useful resources to your sidebar.

Three words.


The text widget provided is brilliant. WordPress basically says here do whatever. 

Quick sidebar tips

+Add sidebar ‘mini header image’s to add colour and style!

+The more is less rule is important… make sure everything is useful to visitors.

+Easy access to content is really why a sidebar is there.

Step 5

Next focus on the content because what is a pretty blog with nothing useful for visitors? Focus on fixing your menu pages like the ABOUT page as that is where most newcomers will head straight to. Make sure you have all the necessary pages i.e Contact and About.

Still working on step 5… but I think I ‘ve achieved the others.

Slight changes to the blog, barely anything but it’s still a change… this is more upgrading as I just slightly changed everything.

**Not everything was created by me… the social icons used on the blog sidebar was made by Mahriya@Mybookishlife. Mahriya designs blogs FOR FREE for more information click the link to her blog.

Here is an infographic because there was a lot to take in! So from me to you…

Tamper with themes1 (1).png


Are you thinking of spicing up your blog? Do you have any tips or must-dos? How do you like the new ‘Closet Readers’? Share, please!


We miss you already! Find us here.

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13 thoughts on “Re-designing ‘Closet Readers’ the how and why.

  1. Good post! I literally just started my blog today. I’ve no clue if I’ll actually keep up with it, but I’m really needing a creative outlet. I have changed the theme 5 times already and I can’t decide on a font. I love fonts so much I just want to use ALL THE FONTS! It is so difficult to find a look and stick with it. Let alone coming up with things to talk about and taking and finding pictures to make my blog my own special place.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I like the new look! I visited last week for the first time so when I came today, I was like ‘ooh it’s different!’ haha. I’m planning on doing a redesign of my blog soon. I’m still happy with my colour scheme and my graphics for memes, reviews, etc., but I want a new header. I have something in mind, I just need time to make it now! These are great tips – thanks for sharing!

    ~Marie @ Ramblings of a Daydreamer

    Liked by 1 person

  3. WOW! The blog looks awesome! I love the little graphics in the post and THE INFOGRAPHIC! The sidebar graphics (I AM IN LOVE). And the footer *Dies*. I think everything looks completely wonderful.I know I’ve said this, but the widgets are MY FAVE! THEY ARE SOO GOOD AND BOLD AND CUTE!
    The only thing I would say is the Header Image looks a little squashed. I would recommend making the fonts smaller and then I would say this blog IS PERFECT! GOOD JOB, GIRLS!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for the stamp of approval 🙂 Glad you like it! and honestly I feel bad we changed it from your design but your essence is still there (the colors and basic idea) I really just wanted to try designing myself.. I’m not as good as you or others but I tried, right?

      Liked by 1 person

      • Seriously, I really don’t mind. It’s not like you were going behind my back and changing it. I mean you made a whole post about it, crediting me in various parts, and you still kept the icons and buttons. I think the whole thing about designing is that it is a personal experience. I’m really glad you took inspiration and created an awesome design, adding YOUR OWN unique. Your design and brand should represent your personality so I totally get it. I actually think your designs (THE SIDEBAR AND FOOTER *Dies again*) are a lot better than mine and I think you did an excellent job!

        Liked by 3 people

  4. Great tips there! Reading what you said about bloggers up there made me feel a part of something greater– some feeling I should cherish often. And I love the little tweaks in the blog; the colour pallet choice is so soothingly beautiful! I myself didn’t know what to do about a header image, but your post just gave me an idea, so thanks for that! Keep up the wonderful work xx

    Liked by 2 people

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