Questions I need answered in the conclusion to An Ember in the Ashes

If you’ve read an ember in the ashes and a torch against the night you understand how many things that were left unanswered and need to be dealt with in the next book or next two books. Sabaa Tahir definitely has a way  with words and I need answers desperately. Here are a few of the biggest mysteries in the series.

**This contains spoilers from both books.


The Cook

One of the most mysterious if not crazy parts of the book was ‘the cook’. As the series developed there seemed to be more and more mystery surrounding this lonely, old cook. The cook was a friend on Laia in the castle and was one of the victims of the merciless commandant. She was a recurring figure in both books. There were moments in book two that made me believe that cook might possibly be the alleged mother of Laia also known as ‘the lioness’.



Keenan… or should I  say nightbringer? I think everyone can agree that the book took a weird turn of events when we found out Keenan was not only totally wrong for Laia but was also the nightbringer. Keenan was never real. He was just the nightbringer’s way of getting close to Laia and ultimately getting his vengeance. An d Sabaa Tahir’s way of boggling everyone’s mind. For all those who shipped Laia and Keenan  all I have to say is I knew something was off about him all along.#laiaandelias

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Harper and Helene

These series have a lot of crazy ships but one of the weirdest ships would have to be  Harper and Helene. Harper seemed to grow to like Helene. Always there, lurking. Helping. Defying the commandant…. I really want to see where things go. Maybe it’s all in my head but I think not.


Harper and Elias

No, they aren’t a ship but apparently they are brothers? Sabaa Tahir really messed with us. Casually mentioning Harper being Elias’ brother. Casually not explaining further. This was one of the craziest twists and there were a lot. I need the details and I need them NOW!


 Soul Catcher

The soul catcher was a really… intriguing figure and the topic was kind of skirted around. I want details, facts… anything. There is definitely more to her, more to her story, and I really hope Tahir further addresses it. Especially because Elias is apparently now soul catcher?! I need more.


Am I the only one who needs the next book…NOW or are you waiting not-so patiently for the next book aswell? Any other answers you need? What are you reading in the meantime? Did Sabaa Tahir blow your mind away aswell? Or is it just me? Share, please!



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