Lesson Learned… What is Bookidote (A term that embodies book bloggers)

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The two amazing minds behind Bookidote are here to share what basically embodies their blog and blogging experience.

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HI 🙂

As some of you—if not all of you—already know, our home page tells you exactly what Bookidote stands for. In fact, it even gives you a pretty good idea of how to pronounce this word that assembles both ‘book’ and ‘antidote’! 😀

Bookidote (\ˈboo-ki-ˌdōt\) : Lashaan and Trang’s creation. It is a commitment that holds countless ideas in one word. Three syllables. Nine letters. These two squandered souls firmly believe that books aren’t just a pastime for intellectuals or a mandatory purchase for your studies. Bookidote is so much more. It marries books with antidotes, knowledge with cure, imagination with elixir. It refers to the ability that books withhold in swallowing you into a boundless universe and encouraging you to live a unique and different adventure every time you crack open a book. Bookidote acknowledges the fact that books can help you explore ideas, stimulate your imagination and live innumerable lives.

Bookidote is your next stop.

To develop a bit more, we’ve also went through a quick and simple creative process where we transformed Bookidote into an acronym. Here’s the result!



Book. We all need books in our lives. Come on. You just can’t spell Bookidote without ‘book’. Bookidote lives and breathes on books. From reviewing them to sharing our love (and sometimes hatred) with every other person out there. Books are one of the best mediums out there to give everyone one of us the opportunity to live countless lives and to learn countless lessons. One thing’s for sure. We wouldn’t be able to roam around the outside world without a book by our side. 🙂

oOpen-minded. Understand that your own opinion is not the only one out there. There are so many different point of views on the same subject/book. Everything we feel and think about a certain item varies according to our own experience, understand and perspective. Being open-minded around the blogosphere will do wonders for you. 😉


Original. Book reviews give so much insight on a person’s character. A blog filled with only one type of post can however still have the disadvantage of causing boredom for certain individuals. That’s where your sense of creativity kicks in and gives your followers that entertaining post that isn’t necessarily a review. A simple life update on yourself to a fun and interesting feature are some amazing ways to give your blog that extra boost of originality! 😀


Kindness. If there’s anything we’ve learned from the blogging community, it’s that kindness runs in 99,9% of people’s blood. We’re both naturally kind to everyone and anyone (unless you make it your mission to piss us off). 😀 Kindness goes a long way in everything you do on your blog. From the way you deliver your content to the way you answer your comments. After all, did you expect rudeness to bring you friends and success in life? 😉


Invitational. Your blog’s design also gives your followers and every random person who comes across your blog a certain idea of what type of person you are. This isn’t only about pleasing a crowd. It’s also about pleasing yourself. Your blog should be your kingdom. It should be visually represent what you want it to convey. Simple and organized? Flashy and colourful? Interactive and hip? Find your style and go with it! 🙂

dDedicated. Some people see their blog’s as a part-time (sometimes full-time) job. Others see it as their occassional opportunity to type up some words and thoughts about this and that. Your blog’s purpose should dictate how dedicate you should be on your blog. From answering comments to visiting your fellow blogger’s posts, your blog is a world in itself. It’s easy to lose track of what’s going on if you don’t pay attention to your blog. It’s also easy to find ways to incorporate your blog to your own life and make it that virtual life you want to keep alive. 😀

o3Optimal. It’s all about being fast and efficient in the thing’s you do. Using pictures/gifs/graphics is one of the best ways to do this. Revising what you write also helps a lot in being concise and precise, without being too often repetitive. Find that sweet spot in how you create and post content and you’ll be seeing a lot great things happening to your blog! 😉


Truthful. This is something that should be part of your maxims in life. Putting forth a fake personality does nothing more than harm yourself and the people around you. The world would rather be hurt by the truth and learn from then than be filled with sugar-coated lies. Be loyal to yourself and express the ideas that you truly believe in. Did you feel like a book deserved absolutely zero stars? Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts on why rather than giving it some undeserved stars! 🙂


Escapism. This applies to both books and blogs. It also applies to you, the blogger, and to all the viewers. People love to escape reality and relax. Life is a professional at delivering overwhelming and stressful events. You should never forget that reading/blogging is, at its foundation, something you do for yourself before you do it for others. Enjoy what you do at the speed you like doing it. 😉

While the acronym managed to cover a great amount of concepts that we believe in when it comes to book blogs, reviewing and reading, it isn’t 100% exhaustive. There’s definitely plenty of nuances and ideas that we might have spared you guys from reading about, but surely a lot has been covered!

Thank you all for keeping Bookidote alive and making it a second home for us to go to when real life is a b*tch. 😉

We just hit….


 1500 followers. We love you ❤

Yours truly,

Lashaan  & Trang


What is your favourite acronym to bookidote? Do you feel one is more true for you?

Want more? Find Laashaan & Trang here.


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