Lessons Learned… How writing has helped me live

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Today THE one and ONLY Mahriya from mybookishlife is here to share the impact writing has had on her life and why you should pick up a pen and write .. anything!


How Writing Has Helped Me Live

I’ve always loved writing. From a young age, I would scribble down words, fragments of story ideas, and indulge myself in books. Then I began writing in small diaries. At first it was inconsistent, and then I simply couldn’t live without it. And now here I am, always writing a blog post, a poem, or just a guest post (like this one)

I would never have thought that writing would be the thing that helped me sail along through life. Most people don’t write unless it’s a text message or Instagram caption. But I write anything. From poems to posts, I love jotting down any word possible. What things do I write, I hear you ask?


Writing in my journal has always been something I’ve done. I can’t remember when I started to keep one, but I know I’ll never stop. People think keeping diaries are a bit childish but just pouring out thoughts into my journal is the best stress-reliever. You know how they say ‘A problem shared, is a problem halved’, well I say a ‘a problem, written, is a problem free’ Writing lets me express my feelings and enhances my skills of articulation. Any time I feel too busy, too panicky, I get out my pen and paper and write. I write freely, not caring of the time slipping by or the homework I have to do. Because sometimes a little ‘me’ time does the trick.


Writing stories has also helped. Though I’ve never written a novel or anything close to one, I’ve written short pieces, some poems, some excerpts. My imagination is always expanding, and so is my vocabulary. Stories help me explore other worlds, depths of my brain I could never quite delve deep into without words. Stories help me escape to somewhere I can make exist, even if it’s just in my thoughts.

And then there is writing blog posts. I think writing on my blog, has forced me to learn how to write FOR OTHERS. For so long, writing was a personal experience. Now, it still is, but I’m learning to write so other people can appreciate and understand my work. If I really want to become an author, I’ve got to master this skill and so I continue to blog.

But something I never talk about, and I’m not sure if I should, is writing code. I know, it seems very random (man, I’m feeling embarrassed now) and somewhat irrelevant, but I really love to code. To see a simple game running because of MY hard work is just so satisfying. Or creating my own mini masterpieces and watching them play out is one of the best feelings in the world. Coding has helped me branch out on different aspects of life and has given me an idea of what I want to do in the future.

I’m not saying writing fixes your problems. It just helps you recognise them and once you do that, it IS easier to fix them. Writing lets me be free, in another world, I can be someone else, and that means I can do whatever I want to do. But it’s not just writing that has helped me through my voyage of life, it is you guys. The support, the comments, the encouragement and not to mention the owners of this blog. (us!)
Yes, I want to say thank you to the lovely girls at Closet Readers for letting me share a lesson I’ve learned on their blog. It has been an absolute pleasure and if you want to read more of my ramblings, head over to My Bookish Life and feel free to follow.


But I want to know what you love to write? Are you an undercover programmer, like me? Or more of the novel writer? Do you write splendid recipes because I want some chocolate cake…Or are you a music composer where you write your own pieces to play because I’m feeling some classical music? Or is it lyrics you write? I’m sure you have a lovely voice! Tell me what you write and how it has helped you, because I sure am inquisitive!

Want more? Find Mahriya here.


7 thoughts on “Lessons Learned… How writing has helped me live

  1. Lovely post. Personally I think that if you’re interested in writing, then it’ll be something that you’ll soon always need in your life.
    I myself have experienced this, so I understand, haha. Writing will be something that you turn to for everything: when you’re sad, happy, and bored. For every emotion, you’ll have something to write, because writing can let all those emotions free onto paper. You won’t be having to cage it all up because you have something to let it go on, “someone” to talk to, even if that someone is a paper. Because paper for writers at times can be their best friends, and their shoulder to lean on. So I have to agree, writing has done something to help me live.
    Sorry about all that rambling, it happens sometimes, haha. This topic was just something I like and am interested in, so I hope you don’t mind that I just commenting wayyyy to much.

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