Lessons learned… Even more blogging tips and more profound thoughts

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Mckenzie from bookish things and tea is here today and we’re so happy to have her. She is sharing a few tips on blogging.

Hey, all! McKenzie here, and today I want to talk about some blogging hacks that I’ve picked up through my several years of book blogging. However, before we get started, I want to thank the very lovely Closet Readers for letting me invade their blog for a day. Hopefully, I can share some good advice for any new or old time bloggers!


I started blogging way back in August 2014, which feels like eons ago at this point. I had an idea of what I wanted to blog about when I started because I did research before signing up with WordPress, but what I didn’t know was how much work it was going to be. Yeah, let’s admit it. Blogging is hard work. We’re people behind a screen, pouring our hearts and souls out about books. Plus, the majority of us are doing it for free!


In spite of all of that, we do it because we love it.


So, here are a few tips and tricks to make your blogging life easier, and how to run a successful blog (remember- success is what you believe it is, don’t compare yourself to other bloggers).

#1 Design, Design, Design

You know how bookworms like to say that we don’t judge a book by its cover? That’s such a lie. Everyone loves a pretty cover! It’s the same thing with blogs. Personally, I am much
more attracted to blogs that have an appealing, uniform theme across all of their posts. I am more of a simplicity fan myself, but I recommend finding a theme and sticking with it for a while. You can always change this! I have completely revamped my blog three or four times. Some good rules of thumb are to pick one main pattern (I use watercolor flowers, many also use book photography for graphic backgrounds), and two-three colors. I use a relatively plain theme to have my hand made graphics and posts stand out, but find a theme that works for you.

#2 Love & Attention

ThiIf you show your blog a little bit of love, it will grow.pngnk of your blog as a little plant. You need to give it love and attention so that it will bloom and grow into a magnificent flower. So, if you show your blog a little bit of love, it will grow (I promise). This means putting a good amount of effort into what you post! Don’t slap together a messy post just to get a post up, spend some time fleshing out your writing and interacting with the blogging community. This is especially important in things like tags and Top Ten Tuesday/Top 5 Wednesday. Don’t just show me pictures of the books that fit in the topic, tell me about them. Why did you pick them? This is the perfect time to let your personality shine!

#3 Take inspired from others

If you show your blog a little bit of love, it will grow (1).pngThere are so many wonderful blogs out there in the blogosphere, and it’s easy to gain inspiration from others doing the exact same thing as you. Like a blog layout/graphics? See a fun post idea? It is always okay to take inspiration from other bloggers, but never directly steal any ideas. If you decide to do the same post (this applies to tags, funny posts, ect, NOT original ideas or reviews) as someone else, give them credit by linking back to their blog. Let your own voice shine through your blog!

#4 Have fun, not everything is professional

I like for my book reviews to be my professional part of my blog, but everything else, I have a bit of fun with. I am a very sassy/snarky person in real life, and the longer I’ve blogged, the more that’s begun to shown in my writing (especially my T5W posts, oh my gosh). I’m not mad about this though- in fact I’m overjoyed. Readers follow blogs because they may initially enjoy the content, but I’ve always thought they keep coming back because they like the blogger (I hope). So, goof off! Make jokes, be sassy, just be yourself via your writing.
just be yourself via your writing..png

#5 Just talk

I bet one of the reasons you started your blog was to talk about one of your favorite things, right? So do that! Write lengthy posts where you ramble about your new obsession over a book, I promise that people will read it. For example, the majority of my posts tend to hover around 800-1000 words, so don’t be afraid to type away. Another way to talk is to comment on other people’s posts. Comments are fantastic, everyone loves them! Plus, most of the times they’ll bring new people to your blog.

#6 Everything comes with time

If you’re a new blogger, everything may seem a little crazy at first, but you’ll get it all down eventually. It’s not actually magic, no matter how much we may wish it to be. You gotta put in the work to experience it all. Everyone also grows at their own pace. Keep in mind that it took me 2 1/2 years to get to where I am (I know bloggers who have gotten to my point and further in like three months. Now THEY have magic)! I promise that you’ll find your internet bookish friends, a theme that you like, and your own writing voice.



That's it for now ;).png
I hope you all found these helpful, or at least entertaining! My last piece of advice is to enjoy what you’re doing. You’re putting yourself out here on the internet for yourself, and don’t you forget that.
Much love, and maybe we’ll talk again…

Do you have any blogging tips/tricks. What is your #1 advice.  When did you start blogging .. why? Share please 🙂


Want more? Find Mckenzie here.



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