An open letter to authors who love their cliffhangers

26 Salty Place,

The Bottom of My Heart,

Small Desk in Ireland.

28 February 2017

Dear authors,

I love you, I do. The journey you take me on with your words and the ability you have to so easily sway my emotions is incredible. Without you my bookshelves would be bare, My pockets would be full. There is so much I’m grateful for. I’m grateful to you for the unimaginable sorcery I’ve witnessed, The fairies I’ve downloadlaughed with, The epic love stories I’ve enjoyed, The stars I’ve danced among and The giphyunreal battles I’ve fought. Thank you. But alas not all things are perfect and authors you are no exception. You have this tendency to play with my emotions with no care.  You leave me there, breathless gasping for air. Maybe you don’t realize that you have an ability to take me on journeys or sway my emotions. Maybe you don’t know how invested I get as I flip to the next page. Or how my heart feels ripped out of my chest when you do what you do.  How lifeseems meaningless (at least till the next bestseller) after that last word. sentence. chapter.


So I would just like to ask… WHY? As a person analyses 577424.pngthe motives of a killer, the actions of a heartbreaker, the lust of a thief so I wonder why you do this to me. I foolishly always think we have a bond, after all, I always experience your words fully and wholly and love it all from chapter to chapter devouring every thought and emotion but when you do things like this it makes me… question. Not to sound ungrateful, not to sound spoiled. After all its better to have something than nothing at all. I know I’m rambling, I know you don’t truly care as you will still do as you do.  But I just wanted to get it out there. To let you guys know. We as readers don’t care for measly endings. We don’t care for unresolved and heart-wrenching finishes. We  want to know everything will be okay and we want to know the who, the what and the why.  I am not being salty.

But that’s just my salty opinion 😉





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23 thoughts on “An open letter to authors who love their cliffhangers

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  2. Love this! I always wonder why, oh, why authors insist on having sequels! I’ll read them if the cliffhanger is good, but I usually wish the whole series was crammed into one huge book…

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  3. This was hilarious! It’s funny to think, but for authors the reason they do cliff hangers is because they can make you react that way. I imagine an author reading this and satisfyingly thinking, yes, I’ve done my job, the fact that your so emotionally invested means that my plan has worked. As much as it sucks for the reader I think a lot of authors take pleasure and pride in their cliff hangers… take rick riordan for example one of the deductions to his books is this To my wonderful readers:
    Sorry about that last cliff-hanger.
    Well, no, not really. HAHAHAHA.
    But seriously, I love you guys.”

    They know what they are doing and they love it!

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