Lessons learned… Finding YOUR blogging voice

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Today we have the person behind the wonderful blog that is writing with style… It’s Vivian! She’ll be talking about finding YOUR blogging vice unique to you.


How to Develop Your Blogging Voice

When I first started reading blogs, my favorites were the ones that made me feel as if I was sitting right next to the writer.

In some, I was stirring a hot chocolate while sitting by a fire. Other blogs made me feel like I was in a park sipping on some lemonade as somebody endearingly cooler than me, told me a story. And others still put me in a fantasy forest drinking Butterbeer, a sleek sofa drinking mineral water, a breakfast counter drinking orange juice.

Regardless of exact location and beverage, the best blogs are the ones where the blogger’s voice is so powerful, it makes the reader feel like they are doing whatever the blogger is at that point in time. Voice is just as important as content.

just be yourself via your writing. (3).png

But it can be hard to find your writing voice. It’s like when you have to introduce yourself by saying three interesting facts about your life and suddenly everything you’ve ever done seems boring. It’s difficult to be authentic.

Finding your blogging voice is a slow but rewarding process. Here is my one big suggestion:


You know when UGGs were really big, but they were super expensive, so everyone bought knock off Bear claw boots? (I admit it, I owned a pair.)

If you show your blog a little bit of love, it will grow (6).pngIf there’s one thing you take away from this post, let it be this: Don’t be the Bear claw boot. Don’t be a low-quality copy of another blogger. Even if you think their style it totally cool, trying to copy their voice won’t work. Because unlike UGG boots, it usually doesn’t cost a reader anything to read the original blog, which means they won’t have any reason to read yours.

You must find your own blogging voice.

Examine yourself. Are you sarcastic? Or do you like a more whimsical style? Are you the sort of person to make sure every comma is in the right place, or do you like to forget grammar and just write in lowercase i’s?

Try to describe your style in three words. Then, write a letter (Yes, a letter, with actual paper and everything! A nearly extinct creature often found only in times of college acceptances and taxes) to who you imagine your reader to be, trying to embody those three words.

Then, it’s up to practice. Keep blogging. It’s okay if your voice is experimental at first. It’s okay if it changes over time. By writing in it constantly, you will find that your voice will become just that: yours.


How would you describe your blogging voice? Do you think your VOICE is as important as content? Who is YOUR favorite blogger voice? Are you about to check out Vivian’s blog.. cause you should!

Want more? Find her here.

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11 thoughts on “Lessons learned… Finding YOUR blogging voice

  1. This is such great advice! I’m definitely going to try the thing you mentioned with three words and writing a letter to readers. I’m still kind of finding my blogging voice I think this will help a lot 😀

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  2. This was such a great post filled with great advice! Voice is so important. There are always certain posts that even without seeing the author you can already guess who wrote them because they are so unique. I think I’m still finding my voice, though. It can be hard sometimes to truly pour yourself into this but I’m trying. Again, awesome post!

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  3. Wonderful advice, Vivian! I totally agree. I’m still trying to find my blogging voice, especially since it’s been only about two months that I’ve started blogging, but I’m slowly getting there! I definitely agree that voice is an important thing in blogging — if the readers can’t get a sense of who you are and how you speak/write, then they’re not going to love your content as much. Again, great advice! ❤

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