#Spreadsmiles tag in which I share a poem (that may suck)


It is dark, the kind of dark that is intimidating
and they all fumble and stumble, lost
Their eyes open wide but they still can’t see
Not past the darkness that is thick and smothering
Then comes the light which slices through the darkness
Lighting up the room spreading positive energy.

Image result for lightbulb

If the only light in the sea of darkness isn’t lit, it will remain dark.

You are that light you carry that positive energy. Every smile, every compliment every single good deed lights up the room and eradicates the darkness.

You can start a chain reaction of positivity. It starts with one and then two and three and the world slowly becomes a brighter place. You never know how a smile, a compliment, a helpful hand can impact someone in a positive way.

You can change the world.

But where to start?

Sasha @ The Stylish Dreamer started a challenge called #spreadsmiles. All you have to do is carry on the chain reaction.

Yes, You

+Cassiopaeia’s moon







+And anyone else

To enter the contest visit the stylish dreamer  for more information. You could win $25. The closing date is soon so hurry!!


Are you going to partake in the contest? Hurry! How was the poem? Should I share more like it or never scar anyone again?? Have you written any poems? Share, I’d love to know!



9 thoughts on “#Spreadsmiles tag in which I share a poem (that may suck)

    I submitted a poem too for the #SpreadSmiles contest. the deadline is over but she hasn’t posted the results so you still have a very good chance of winning – especially, with writing like THAT!! *Dies again*

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