#Spreadsmiles tag in which I share a poem (that may suck)


It is dark, the kind of dark that is intimidating
and they all fumble and stumble, lost
Their eyes open wide but they still can’t see
Not past the darkness that is thick and smothering
Then comes the light which slices through the darkness
Lighting up the room spreading positive energy.

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An abundance of book boxes

There really are an abundance of book boxes out there

but… today we have two awesome subscription boxes featured here today.

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Lessons learned… Finding YOUR blogging voice

Here on ‘Closet Readers’ we believe in learning from each other and we are inviting you to come share with us the lessons you’ve learned. If you would like to be a guest on our blog and share something you’ve learned now or in the near future (this is a permanent feature) find moreINFORMATION here Lessons Learned Help and FAQ.
Today we have the person behind the wonderful blog that is writing with style… It’s Vivian! She’ll be talking about finding YOUR blogging vice unique to you.

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